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Dec 15, 2014

Medical communications departments are constantly evolving to keep up with the changing landscape of health care. DIA is proud to provide a forum for Medical Communications professionals at our annual Medical and Scientific Communications Annual Meeting, which just held its 25th anniversary event in 2014. To recognize the changes that have occurred within the medical communications field over the last 25 years, we were pleased to include a special section devoted to the Medical Communications Transformation in the November issue of TIRS. This podcast highlights several of the authors from that section discussing globalization and new media trends that influence medical information dissemination and the effect this is having on the emerging healthcare landscape. 

To read the articles discussed in this podcast see below:

Article 1: Introduction to the Special Section on Medical Communications: Medical Communications Transformation Within the Emerging Health Care Landscape.

Article 2: Review of the Evolution of Medical Information in Light of Changes in the External Landscape.

Article 3: Medical Information Services: How Are We Trending?

Article 4: Serialization: Benefits Beyond Regulatory Compliance